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Receiving the best professional help early is essential in helping a child on the autism spectrum prepare for a successful life. Ascent ABA provides high-quality, patient centered, family centered, and trauma informed ABA therapy to autistic members of our community and their families. Whether we encounter you at the grocery store, in the schools where our children may study together, or at the local park, we are neighbors who genuinely care about you and your child. As residents of the Inland Empire, our BCBAs aspire to be true servants of the community.

Experienced ABA Therapy in Rancho Cucamonga│ Ascent ABA

FBA Assessments & ABA Services

To provide your child with the most effective skills-based treatment, we need to understand his or her personality and the specific issues being faced. Our dedicated team starts by conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), leveraging the insights gained to tailor a solid ABA services plan that caters to your child’s and your family’s unique needs. The ultimte goal is to help your child to reach his or her full potential.

Top-Notch Caregiver Education

Caregiver education and training is essential to ensure your child receives the most effective and caring support at home. To provide caregivers the necessary tools for success, we provide autism caregiver training that includes biweekly meetings with a Behavior Analyst. We’re committed to our caregivers’ success, going the extra mile to make sure you always know how to provide proper care with confidence.

Direct ABA Therapy

Once the FBA assessment is complete, a Behavior Analyst and Behavior Technician is assigned to your child, responsible for delivering services across a wide range of settings to ensure he or she is as fully prepared for life’s challenges as possible. Through direct therapy, necessary adjustments can be made naturally and easily to your child’s way of living to help him/her learn effectively. 

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In-School Assistance

In-school ABA therapy is a resource for children who need support in community settings. Ascent ABA provides in-school services to help children learn at the highest level and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in any environment, both now and in the future.

Gold Standard Services

If your family needs high-quality ABA therapy services, you can rely on the caring and professional team at Ascent ABA. Our primary focus is to foster greater independence, fulfillment, and a better quality of life for your child. To learn more about us, or to inquire about ABA therapy careers, contact us today!

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